Wendy Shay has been questioned by radio personality Mike 2 real name Michael Boateng to state what the President and his government have done for the Creative Arts industry since assuming power.

His question comes after the ‘Uber driver’ disclosed in the interview that the NPP has done a lot of work in the Creative Arts industry and is still working for the betterment of the industry.

She said: “The NPP has done a lot of good work and are still doing more in the creative arts industry. If you look at some of the things they have done, even not just the creative arts industry, for example, Free SHS, a lot of people have benefitted from the policy”

But Mike 2 after listening to the interview by Wendy Shay took to his social media page to question her on what the President has done for the industry since he is yet to see the good thing Wendy Shay is refering/talking about.

He emphasized that it will be imperative for industry players to focus on building the industry devoid of favouritism and personal or political interests.

His post on social media reads: “New entrants in the industry like Wendy Shay and co whose uncles are directly active in the ruling party should shut up, they should come out and point one thing the party has done for the creative industry…let’s build the industry rather than our favourite political parties..”

See screenshot of his post below:

Several people also took to the comment section to reacts to his post to Wendy Shay.

Kwame Dadzie: “So she can’t have an opinion? It is not fair to shut her up for making her assessment.”

Nii Noi: “Now if ur uncle be politician you can’t talk Eii”

Owuraku Gh: “Masa if u like u can also join the politics Wai. What good does the creative arts has for us. Is it not fighting and always pulling ppl down. Watch the Nigerians how they support them sefs. The govt see u ppl as jokers and is true”

Nana Reagan: “Maybe you should make your point and stop telling her to shut up. There’s no law that says if your “relative” is a politician you shouldn’t have an opinion.”

Nana Ampong: “If this is what you want to do make you trend on social media, then I’m sorry. If you can sit on radio to express your opinions, is it a crime for someone else to express his view or take a stand on a matter? Is that how you practice your journism? Master, lift up the game. Journalism is a noble profession.”

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